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I'm an artist first and a writer second.
Currently working on webcomic and toons.

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EpithetSoup's News

Posted by EpithetSoup - 1 day ago

I just recently opened a Ko-fi account, so I can get more work for myself. So if you'd like to spend a little change, just buy me a coffee. Or if not just spread the word!!





Posted by EpithetSoup - 2 weeks ago

Okay so I wanna say sorry for the lack of content on my end. Currently I'm working on a few side project experiments with other users here on this platform, and it's a bit tricky to upload art and comics while doing it. But it's also due to stuff outside of projects on my end, such as creating a proper portfolio for classes in the future, so that's also what I'm doing. I apologize for the lack of uploads, but I'll do my be sure to come back FULLY LOADED with art pieces and other goodies! Keep an eye out for me!!



Posted by EpithetSoup - August 23rd, 2021

You've been waiting and you'll now recieve. my first 4 pages of my Lemonae comic is now out based off of earlier concepts I've done here on this site. Sorry for the long wait (personal stuff/ vacation), but I now can deliver. I hope to hear some of your feedback. Regardless, I'm gonna have fun telling this story for all of you!

Lemona'e Comic #1 Page 1-4 by EpithetSoup on Newgrounds

Previous comics that inspired webcomic

Lemonade Comic B&W by EpithetSoup on Newgrounds

Spilt Drink Comic B&W by EpithetSoup on Newgrounds

So now that I've shown you the good news, now I must tell you all that the comic is fully written and planned, but now I now have a proper schedule for posting it so I've decided that once every few weeks, I'll upload new comic episodes to satisfy you all. Mainly because my webcomic, isn't really full time work for me and that I'd like to get work of mine out there so that I'm not forgotten. So starting September, new comic episodes will be posted every three weeks. (Apologies considering I was on vacation for a bit as well as trying to spread my wings more as a cartoonist) so now , I'm gonna be posting a bit more art to remind you all that I'm not dead! I'm even starting to give pinup art a try so maybe you'll see me post more of that

In concusion, my comic will have a schedule, I'll be posting more art and I'm still doing commission work!



Posted by EpithetSoup - August 4th, 2021

Hey guys just updating you all about the comic. Sorry for the long wait for the comic. I recently got used to this new job and its been taking a bit out of me. However I'm happy to say that after this post, expect my next art post to be my comic. As of now I'm 1/3rd into the thumbnails, so because of this, ill get right on transferring them to pencil/digital. And the style should be just as good as how I started the first few comics. Thanks again for being patient!

Now I'm back to work.




Posted by EpithetSoup - July 22nd, 2021

Hey guys. Just a friendly reminder that I'm not dead and that I'm doing pretty well. I'm doing some experimenting withwhat I can do with my drawings and I have been improving with how my art will be presented going forward. Recently I made a post focusing on Fancy Pants, but something felt off, and after a few days, it went from






Notice the difference?

(P.S. This isn't a resubmission cuz I know it's cheating, but once the FP event is over, I'll upload this) Crazy what a bit of experimenting can do.

I also want you all to know that recently I've been practicing how to draw pinups, and I the progress has been better. So expect some slight risque content in the future.

Finally my webcomic thumbnailing is taking some time, but I promise that I'm providing the work for it.

Thank you all for your patience!



Posted by EpithetSoup - July 4th, 2021

Okay so there's gonna be a change of plans that doing uploading sketches. I've decided to hold back on them and just simply go back to drawing normally. I say this because I wanted to try an experiment regarding them, but after looking at it for a bit, it kinda seems a bit lazy and I want to make some cool art, so instead of doodles, I'll be going back to normal uploads considering how fast I've been drawing lately.

Don't worry, I'll still be uploading the comics, but I wanted to let you all to know about no more sketches


Posted by EpithetSoup - July 3rd, 2021




Posted by EpithetSoup - June 29th, 2021

Not Dead/Game Plan

So where to begin. So this is my game plan for my time here on NG. Especially when it comes to finding my place here on the site.

Firstly, My Content

I'm sorry that I haven't been uploading 'too' much lately and this is due to many things going on atm. During the time, I was assisting some pencilling for a Comic Jam as well as an Anthology (although I havent finished that one yet) and thought it could be a good and fun experience. It was fun cuz of the people I was paired with and good for me as someone who wants to make comics.

Sadly I cannot show this to all of you atm.

Secondly, My Webcomic

Now for those who don't know, months ago I made two comics that revolved around a lemonade girl and is in the process of being developed. I am happy to say that I've figured out the theme/writing the comic will have, as during my time writing, ive figured out how it can both be comedic and still tell a coherent short story. I dont expect it to be a long story, but ive planned it out so that it'll have around the page size or so of an average comic book, maybe two. And to those worried that it'll be one page an upload, each upload should have at least 3-4 pages per upload. Maybe more on good days. This webcomic is practice on my craft and how I can tell a visual story, so I hope you enjoy it once pages have been finished. And while I AM done with the script, I now have to thumbnail, pencil AND ink about 38 pages of work. This will take a slight toll on making art uploads as it'll be tricky to think of what to draw, so keep that in mind. Although to add, I do have to do some redesigns for the characters...

Which leads to third, Experimentation.

Another reason to why you haven't seen much content is because as I have this posted, I'm trying to experiment with my art style, not to the point where it's concrete, but rather where I have a flexible style. Currently I'm doing some art study from some books to help.


Some with a cartoon style and others with a comic book style. And considering the work I can do now compared to how I started, I'm getting there. So while I won't be able to upload frequently, once in a while I'll upload cool digital sketches except better and once again in multiple pictures, so I don't feel like I'm spamming the Art portal, if that doesn't work, Ill just update my Artist News section.

Fourth, Finding Work,

Now i know very little in this world, but what I do know is being an artist takes work, and that's exactly what I'm looking for. Atm I'm doing a few comic pages to set up for a porfolio. Ive also been looking into going into other works such as Voice Acting (once ive properly gotten the equipment.) As well as doing commissions. Below are commission sheets for images I'll draw and ill be doing commissions for comics in the future.


So if you're interested, just DM me on my NG or just find me on Twitter and we'll discuss everything from there.


So to reiterate, uploads will be temporarily replaced with digital sketches, and once my comics are uploaded I'll be sure to announce it, and if I fail to make promise of this, you have the right kick me in the face...... Or don't. I like my face. :)



Posted by EpithetSoup - June 4th, 2021

Hey guys! Remember me?! Great!! I just wanted to make a news post to let you know that I'm not dead and that I'm still around. And to share a future announcement in gonna be making to where I've been and to showcase more of the future on my time here on NG in a few weeks.

And don't worry, this isnt my departure, but the announcement will focus a bit on what Ive been doing, content I'll be making and commissions. And I want to showcase all three of these things properly so it doesn't look too lazy. My viewers deserve the best. And despite not uploading much, there's an upside... Sketches.. So many sketches that are here to showcase that ive been trying to improve on my artstyle while ive been MIA.


So far they're coming out great. To end this conversation though, be sure to look around for an announcement in a few weeks and I hope you all are excited to know what I have in store for you. Well I got some editing to do.

Thanks for being patient!



Posted by EpithetSoup - April 23rd, 2021

Alright! I managed to receive a few entrants and I found them pretty good! After analyzing them, I can say for certain that I know who the winner orders are!

1ST Place: @Vockwell

2ND Place: @GirZiggler

3RD Place: @Marek1shtar

I hope you guys had a blast doing this contest!

I'll probably do another contest like this in the future, hopefully one with more variety in prizes.

So for the winners, please come message me here on NG to get your prizes, and if you have questions about them, I'll be sure to answer them!

As for everyone else, Thanks again for helping me reach 100 fans here on NG and I bet by the end of this year, I can reach 200! (A man can dream)