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EpithetSoup's News

Posted by EpithetSoup - 5 days ago

Hey guys, Happy early Thanksgiving to you all! I'm just here to share more News regarding what I've been up to recently.

The first set of News is, that I did my first time Voice acting for a friend and creator here on NG, named @Dashypc. Me and a few familiar faces you may know are in this Voice reveal for 'Modern 8-Bit Brothers'. You can check out his YT Channel to watch it and show him some support!


Outside of that, I'm still working on drawings traditionally, and doing more work from my character design course and around 2023 expect a webcomic to be uploaded here. Still in the scripting process, but I can say it will be fun to enjoy!

Anyway I hope you all are healthy and doing well! I know some crazy things have been happening, but we just gotta keep our chins high.

Happy ThanksGiving!!! ;)



Posted by EpithetSoup - October 5th, 2022

So I know it's been a while, but I'm still around wanting to create. However due to some complications such as my new job and the fact my tablet broke, I've been dealing with some alternatives such as using touchscreen apps for making content and so far, I think I'm getting the hang of itiu_768183_7228038.webpiu_768184_7228038.webp

But the software has a few kinks I gotta work through, so in case any of you were wondering why the lack in quality, you know why. In hindsight, I probably should've saved money to replace my tablet, but hey, great minds work with what little they have! So expect some more artwork done here. On the bright side I can make content on the go, so I can get my drawing fix under control. Outside of that I've also been considering doing commissions soon, but I wanna make some pieces first before I announce them. Wish me luck and thanks for your patience!



Posted by EpithetSoup - June 29th, 2022

Hey everyone! It's been a while, but this time I'll be talking about being open to doing collaboration on games/movies as a character designer. This is more to do with recent events such as taking part in a Character Design Course and after some time studying, I'm willing to do more participation in dedicated projects on and off this site. Now I'm FAR from finishing the course, but from what ive learned so far, I really feel more excitement in drawing more than ever. So if there are any game jams or animations where you need a design for a character, give me a message!



Posted by EpithetSoup - June 11th, 2022

Well hello and Happy Pico Day. A day where friends come together, spending time on cool games and pics.

But most importantly to give thanks to our good friend and lord Pico, for if it was for his many endeavors, whether be enduring school mishaps and bear hunting, he fought to make this day great for all of us.

To this I say, Happy Pico Day to all and to all a loud BLAM!



Posted by EpithetSoup - May 17th, 2022

Hey dudes! So summer's coming up soon and I gotta make some extra money! So if anyone's interested in some commission drawings, hit me up via messaging or my Twitteriu_638763_7228038.webp



Posted by EpithetSoup - April 3rd, 2022

Now I know it's been a bit since I've been on this site, but I have a reason.

Recently I've been meaning to make a series here on NG that would be interesting for everyone to enjoy. In fact, my lack of art uploads was simply due to me wanting to do more with content I make here with the visual medium and considering I can't animate, nor have the time to build a team for that purpose, I decided to ultimately be a comic creator on this site. And I'm not just talking about simply making a simple comic art style, but full-on comics. But before I could do that, just like how I decided to come back to NG as a creator, I decided to go back to a site dedicated to making webcomics called

Tapas. I made this decision cuz I remember attempting a webcomic, only for it to bomb as I copied the slice of life creators on the site and failing poorly due to a lack of a following on other platforms, a lack of fellow artists to interact with, and so on.

Now you're probably wondering does that mean Lemona'e will be on it? Kinda... I'll be real and say I want to continue it, but the few factors of it are that, I made it during a cartooning class and for the time being it has a story, but with little substance, and due to this, I felt that the writing/story felt short. I'm still posting what I have on Tapas for the time being, although I doub't it'll get much of a following. So expect a new original story on Tapas that I'm scripting/ working on and wish me luck on it! Once it's done, I'll be sure to share it here and know what you all think! So far I'm working on Chapter 1, so that way it's more fun doing that than planning a whole story and dulling the experience. I'll still be posting art, but I'll be a bit busy working on my craft. And I appreciate all who read this!



Posted by EpithetSoup - March 6th, 2022

Hello everyone! It's been a while since you've heard from me, this post ain't about me or my life.

In the link below belongs to one of my good pals, @JTvister, another aspiring comic creator like myself, giving this site a shot in creating his content. Now he's been around for a bit and seems to enjoy this site for what it is. During his time, he's been making his comic series, 'Bonemeal', which he seems to be passionate about highly. However, while doing this he began noticing several problems presenting his work, the biggest hinder being Newgrounds itself.

Using his observations and continued experimentation, he managed to create a cool method for not only archiving comics for himself but formatting them in a way that any comic creator can use, and that fits NGs system. Ever want to archive a comic in order? Or perhaps you have a linear story you want to tell, but made cumbersome to scroll and locate the pages in the Art Upload?? Or you maybe want to start a webcomic of some kind? (I can relate)

Well quit reading what 'I'm' saying, and start being taught by the mad genius in the link below!




Posted by EpithetSoup - February 7th, 2022

Today I hit 25 years ..... God I'm old. Anyway, if you got any birthday wishes for me, then you've got the comments open!




Posted by EpithetSoup - January 7th, 2022

Hey everyone. I hope you all are having a good New Year so far! I've been a bit busy due to a few things regarding moving to a new home, as well as other issues, but I won't waste the details on you.

Another thing that I'll be doing is getting back to improving my craft even further. As of recently I've been studying more on how to create comic art and I want to get a lot of my talent out there. So much so, that I have a goal and bet that by 2023, I'll have 1000 NG fans. Now as crazy (which it is) as it is, I feel a bit more confident that I could reach this goal. It's more of a personal challenge for myself and it'll be a bit embarrassing if I don't reach it, but it's good to motivate yourself. Although my skills won't be anything like last year and I'll be posting much better drawings. As of now my classes I've been taking have helped me improve a lot more regarding anatomy compared to my previous attempts although I'm gonna be doing more work regarding my coloring as despite my line art being better, my colors atm are heavily lacking and I gotta fix that.

So with that I hope you're excited for what's to come from me and also, I'll be updating my commissions sheet and start doing commissions again and post them when I'm ready. Wish me luck!!



Posted by EpithetSoup - December 31st, 2021

To a New Year! I'll be taking lessons to help me improve my comic drawings. As you can see below, it's a start. As this will be my next and important step into honing my craft. Not only with humans, but with creatures and also scenery. I also want to go on and take part into other projects where I can provide my skills!

I want NG 2022 to be the year of the SOUP!!!!

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